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News Release: VESL CBD oils responds to the CDC news on vaping concerns

VESL looks to clear the air about professionally derived CBD vaping products

Arvada, CO – News that the Center for Disease Control named vitamin E acetate as a chief suspect in vaping illness last week was hardly earth-shattering to most professional vaping firms, including the VESL owners in Arvada, which produces CBD vaping pens and other CBD products used for health benefits.

“We don’t try to hide anything about our products; we stood behind them even among all this misinformation,” said VESL partner Bobby Scott, who believes the entire above-board vaping industry lost about 20-25 percent of revenue following the disclosure of vaping illnesses in July. At that time, VESL owners, and many others in the industry, were pointing their fingers at vitamin E acetate, which is a common ingredient in black market THC vaping pens, and Scott said many in the industry will welcome state or federal regulation.

Illegal THC vape products usually only reduce marijuana to crude oil, Scott said, requiring a solvent such as a vitamin E acetate to improve the viscosity of the cartridge. In contrast, VESL uses only 99-percent pure CBD oil, or isolate, in all of its products.

VESL produces a variety of CBD consumables used for pain treatment and health benefits — including CBD vapes, muscle gels, gummies and skincare products — which are cannabis products without nicotine or the psychoactive THC molecule. Products such as gummies and muscle gels do not need to be vaped, but Scott said that vaping is simply the fastest way to bring those positive effects to bear, and about 75 percent of his customers use vaped doses.

“Your lungs process that dose into your blood immediately, so smaller doses are required,” Scott said. “One puff off a vape pen, less than a milligram of CBD, and you can feel that right away.”

VESL only produces products based on CBD — an acronym for cannabidiol, one of 113 cannabinoids found in hemp plants – which many consumers are increasingly finding aid in the reduction of pain, anxiety, depression and many other health benefits. Beginning with organic hemp containing less than 0.3 percent THC, the company employs the preferred CO2 extraction method to create its hemp oil and an ISO-certified lab to isolate a 99-percent pure CBD oil.

In Colorado, regulators are looking at eliminating vitamin E acetate a solvent compound commonly used for lower-grade THC vaping. Scott said VESL would welcome the proposed state regulations because he believes the company’s stringent processes would be readily approved.

“I think most of us pretty much agree that vitamin E acetate will be eliminated, and regulations on putting ingredients on the packaging are something we already do,” Scott said. “I’m not sure where the industry wants to go, but I hope the regulators do real research on it before enacting regulations.”

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