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CBG Capsules

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CBG Liquid Gels 25mg

CBG Capsules, CBG soft gels, or CBG pills; they go by many names. VESL OILS 25 mg CBG Liquid Gels are one of the easiest methods of getting your daily CBG, no matter your needs. The work of getting a consistent dose is already done for you, take out the guess work. There’s no measuring or math involved! Liquid Gels can be transported easier with no worry of  spilling and ingested just as easy!

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Your brain is a supercomputer. Fuel it like one with our new CBG Liquid Gels. We paired this amazing Full Spectrum cannabinoid profile with natural flaxseed oil for unmatched benefits. There are over 10 billion neural pathways in the brain and over 100 billion brain cells. Equipped with this many processors, the brain might be capable of executing as many as 100 billion operations per second. Make sure you are “clear-minded” everyday with the help of CBG oil and other beneficial cannabinoids!

CBG oil benefits

Research shows that CBG has potent pain-relieving effects, may potentially block cancer cell growth, and it may also regulate appetite.

Recent studies also found that CBG, Cannabigerol, may prevent muscle contractions, being beneficial for those who suffer chronic abdominal pain and cramps.

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CBG liquid gels 25mg capsules. Flaxseed oil. Full spectrum
Vesl Oils CBG Full Spectrum +

What's Full Spectrum+ ?

VESL’s complete line of Full Spectrum + Liquid Gels are formulated with a one of a kind cannabinoid profile. Each formula is infused with a complementing carrier oil to enhance the natural benefits. Experience the most diverse cannabinoid profile on the market.

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5 reviews for CBG Capsules

  1. Leo Darwin

    I love all the capsules but this worked for me the best. I can really feel the calming effect and I can focus well

  2. Alexis Sharpe

    All of the capsule options were great because they are very convenient to use. I like the CBG capsules very much because it helps me keep the stress and anxiety at bay. It helps me a lot whenever I have dysmenorrhea.

  3. Paolo Gonzaga

    My personal preference would be this capsule over the tinctures. But either works great. I just like how convenient these gels are; no more measuring needed.

  4. Shiela Boyd

    I am using this capsule for about 2 weeks now. I noticed that my focus is getting better as well as my stress levels.

  5. Anna Mathe

    I tried CBD before and it didn’t work for me. Then a friend asked me to try CBG instead. I purchased a bottle and it seems to be working for me. I can sleep better in just 1 week of use.

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