Why Use A CBD Topical?

CBD is being infused in all kinds of products and it is available in many different forms, most of which are ingested. For example, CBD comes in tinctures, gummies, beverages and even vapes. When it comes to targeting specific problematic areas, it is best to apply a CBD topical or CBD Muscle Gel, directly to that area of the body. Pretty simple right?! VESL’s CBD Muscle Gel is by far the most superior topical CBD product on the market, and has always been our top selling CBD supplement.

Our pure CBD is extracted from high-grade hemp, and our topicals are made of high quality VEGAN ingredients. The quality of our CBD cream is unmatched. This non-greasy formula works instantly and is packed full of natural ingredients thought to ease muscles and joints.

Check out our EXTRA STRENGTH formula for chronic issues, or toss our convent travel size muscle gel in your gym bag for on-the-go relief! Our formula is perfect for before and after your work-outs. Maybe you just woke up with a crick in your neck, whatever the issue our CBD muscle gel will have you relaxed and at ease right away!

Are CBD Topicals safe?

VESL’s CBD Oil is highly refined and contains only PURE CBD from organic hemp grown without harmful chemicals . In its pure form, CBD is absorbed by your skin very efficiently and binds to the CB2 receptors in the dermal nervous system. This system is responsible for pain signaling, inflammation regulation, and blood flow. When topically applied, CBD oil penetrates the skin and goes to work on muscles and joints instantly. If you are new to CBD, our Muscle Gel is the perfect introduction to a CBD topical. The all-natural VEGAN formula is free of any harsh chemicals and goes on dry and clear with no greasy residue.

Why Customers LOVE our Muscle Gel

Having issues with muscles or joints? Need something new that actually works? If you are searching for one of the most simple ways to get instant relief, look no further! Our CBD Muscle Gel is tried and true! Thousands of people nationwide trust in VESL OILS and know they are getting one of the best CBD topical formulas on the market. Our belief in quality and integrity encompasses all aspects of our brand. Our 1000mg Muscle Gel is VESL’s #1 selling product of all time and is trusted by professional sports organizations around the United States. Athlete Tested. Athlete Approved.


At VESL, we stress the importance of implementing CBD daily to enhance your lifestyle and well-being. We have created some of the finest CBD products on the market! Our Vegan hemp oils are formulated from the finest grown hemp in the USA & due to our extraction process, we are able to develop a product that surpasses many brands on the market. This approach to manufacturing allows us to help people all across the country and world-wide. We ensure that our products are produced at the highest level possible, and we offer third-party lab testing to ensure product consistency and quality. Our Muscle Gels are also 100% THC free!

All natural ingredients really shine in this product. Aloe leaf juice based for a non-greasy feel that hydrates and heals the skin, paired with menthol, camphor, capsicum, chamomile, and pure cbd. These ingredients have been used for muscle and joint health for thousands of years! Cooling menthol sends signals to the brain to help ease the warmth of problematic areas. Warming capsicum helps flush the area with new blood to remove any unwanted issues. As we continue to preach, CBD is unmatched in muscle and joint maintenance and we guarantee this product works better than anything in you cabinet, we stand behind it!


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