Hemp 101

Hemp is not a trend or fad, as a matter of fact, hemp was the first crop that spawned agriculture on this planet — over 10,000 years ago! Hemp is by far the most medicinal and industrial diverse plant know to human-kind. It grows sustainably in every climate on the globe and even possesses the ability to purify soils from toxic waste. It is a sustainable fuel source far superior to oil & gasoline and can be used in place of petroleum to make thousands of products. It sounds like a miracle plant that could save the planet in many different ways… but why isn’t any of this taught in our schools? What is the real history? We are here to give you the basics so you may do your own research and help us continue teaching the world about hemp!

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The Origin

History of Hemp

Hemp has been growing naturally and wild on this planet for millions years. From what we know, hemp was first cultivated for a direct purpose by Ancient Chinese cultures. Archeologists have found hemp-woven fabrics dating back to 8000 BC — making hemp the world’s first industrial crop and first example of human industry. Without hemp we may not have the advanced medicine, agriculture, manufacturing, or commerce as we know it today. During the colonization of the United States hemp was widely used for paper, building materials, and textiles. Hemp was grown commercially in Kentucky throughout the 1940s, to support the manufacturing of goods used by our soldiers during WWII. Then why did politicians try to eradicate this crop across America just less than “75” years ago?

8000 BC.

Archeologists found traces of hemp in Asia. People used hemp for pottery, food (seed and oil), and natural medicine.

8000bc Hemp History. Vesl Oils About


Ayurvedic Medicine used cannabis mixed with other herbs to treat epilepsy, anxiety, and bronchitis

Asian ancestors using hemp

450-200 BC

Greco-Roman used Hemp for toothaches, to alleviate labor pains, and it was widely consumed throughout the Roman empire.

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The Spaniards brought Hemp to the Americas and it was first cultivated in Chile and Brazil.

european hemp farmer


George Washington pushed for the growth of hemp to make rope and fabric.

George Washington in hemp field


banned the use and sales of cannabis in the U.S.

Marijuana Tax act of 1937 PASSED


Cannabis is categorized as a Schedule 1 Drug in the U.S. Further research into the plant is restricted and hemp farming was totally banned.

signing hemp ban


The Hemp Farm Bill was a monumental shift in the history of hemp and cannabis. This officially changed the legal status of hemp and hemp-derived products, such as CBD oil.

Hemp field being harvested
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Diversity of Hemp

It has been calculated that hemp can be used to replace over 50,000 products in today’s market place. Everything from building materials, to dietary supplements, papers, and bio-fuels can be made using various parts of the hemp plant. We know that cotton, corn, soy, and wheat COMBINED can’t do anywhere near that! It can also be grown 15 X more cost-effective than any other common agricultural crop on earth. Did we mention that hemp can be used to remove heavy metals, harsh chemicals, toxic pollutants, and radiation from the soil? Scientists in Russia are using hemp to clean up the disaster area of the Chernobyl nuclear plant explosion, and eventually that land will be clean enough to grow certified organic crops on! Oh and btw…an acre of hemp produces almost DOUBLE the oxygen that an acre of apple tress does, while consuming over FOUR times the amount of CO2 at the same time! So why has hemp been removed as a subsidized crop in our country?

The Many uses of Hemp
The many uses of Hemp for mobile

The good stuff

You may have heard the terms medical marijuana, industrial hemp, or cannabis. These all refer to the same group of plants scientifically known as Cannabis Sativa L. Mentioned in every religious text around the world, this plant goes by many names and has many medicinal uses. Cannabis Sativa contains hundreds of compounds known to naturally heal our mind and body, unlike any other plant on Earth. These special chemicals are known as cannabinoids, examples of such are CBD, CBG, and THC. Because of how current laws are written, the term “hemp” refers to species of the Cannabis plant that naturally contains less than 0.3% delta-9 THC. Therefore, hemp does not get you “high” However, delta-9 THC is just one of the HUNDREDS of beneficial compounds in this plant and science is discovering amazing things about new cannabinoids every day. These compounds have been used for thousands of years to aid in achieving great holistic health. Can you imagine how much further along the science of natural health would be had the FDA not made the research of Cannabis Sativa L. illegal in 1925?

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Made for us

Benefits of Hemp

Our bodies are fundamentally designed to have a symbiotic relationship with cannabinoids. SO much so, that our bodies are regulated by what is known as the endoCANNABINOID system! This system regulates many things in your body like mood, appetite, immune response, and pain. It is responsible for regulating blood flow, body temperature, and most importantly the control of inflammation. This is where cannabis really starts to show its unmatched healing properties. INFLAMMATION is the root of all sickness, pain, and disease that we know today. It also plays a vital role in the way our body’s auto-immune system works. When consumed, cannabinoids bind to millions of receptors throughout the body and our brain communicates with those receptors to manage every function in our bodies. Cannabinoids are thought to be the most effective natural remedy for inflammation naturally or synthetically available to us. By eliminating this damaged tissue with the help of CBD or CBG our bodies are able to heal themselves naturally, the way they are designed to do. Maybe that explains why the US Department of Health has held patents on cannabinoids since the 1990s registered under US patent ID: US6630507B1.

CB1 receptors target: CB1
  • Central Nervous System
  • Memory
  • Immune Cells
  • Coordination
CB2 receptors target: CB2
  • Reproductive System
  • Gastrointestinal Track
  • Peripheral Nervous System
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The time is now

Our Approach

With all the obvious “man-made” obstacles in the way, we have taken it upon ourselves to put an end to this madness! We have dedicated our lives to make sure the healing properties of this plant are available to everyone in the world. Think of a world where the industry is not controlled by the rich and powerful. A world where we all have the power to heal, clothe, and feed ourselves naturally. In harmony with the laws of nature rather than the laws of man. Hemp has the power to literally save humankind AND our planet…its time to wake up and change the way we look at the world around us.

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