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This is how we deal with #stress and anxiety: 

👉🏽Hemp gummies to help you feel balanced
👉🏽CBG capsules to clear your mind. 
👉🏽CBN capsules to help your body relax and rest

Try the ritual, we promise it will make a difference! #wellnessritual #wellnesstips #stressrelief #anxietyrelief #menopausesymptoms #sleeptips
Taking care of everybody around you can be stressful. Don’t forget to take care of yourself. Self-care can come in many forms and sometimes a romantic bath for yourself will do it✨  #caretaking #selfcare #romanticbath #stressrelief #genxers #menopause
This Valentine’s Day we want you to focus on yourself. Sometimes we put all of our energy into others (family, friends, work) and forget that we need to also take care of ourselves. So this Valentine’s Day get yourself a gift that gives you joy🧡 Here is our selection according to the 5 love languages. Which one is yours? #lovelanguage #selfcare #selfgift #selflove #wellness #instawellness #valentinesdaygift #valentinesdaygiftideas #selflovejourney #genxers
Small batches, all-natural, and with care for you. This is how our products are made🧡 #smallbatches #smallbusiness #organicallygrown #madewithcare #hempoil
Let’s talk pre- / menopause. It’s a stage of life that can be confusing and start many physical changes int he body. The most common ones are: 

Hot flashes: antioxidants can be very helpful to reduce it. Plus it’s a great boost for your immune system. Cannabidiol is rich in antioxidants specially when laired with elderberry. 

Joint and spinal pain: our botanical muscle gel can help relief the pain. It’s made with menthol, chamomile, camphor, and cannabidiol for an extra anti-inflammatory benefit. 

Sleep issues: sleep is one of the most important function of your body. A non-forming-habit sleep aid can support a good night’s sleep and rebalance mood. 

During this time of life take time to feel all the feelings and practice activities that’ll help you reconnect with yourself. 
#menopausesymptoms #premenopause #menopauserelief #naturalremedies #wellnesstips #genxers #womenafter40
Protecting your time and energy is self-care

Credit: @iimthatwoman 

#selfcare #quotesdaily #boundaries #selfcaretips
The muscle gel everybody loves (and needs)! Our muscle gel is made with Menthol, white camphor, chamomile flower, and enriched with cannabidiol to help calm joint and muscle pain. It can help with: 

Joint discomfort
Muscle soreness
Abdominal cramps
Pulled muscle

How to use: apply a small amount on the skin avoiding open wounds or cuts. Massage until absorbed (it absorbs very fast, no sticky skin). 
#musclepainrelief #jointpainrelief #menstrualcramps #musclestrain #painreliefoptions
Stress is not the problem, it’s how we deal with it. 
Stress serves us a purpose but when we live in an environment full of stressors it can become a chronic issue. See the 6 science-backed ways to close your stress response cycle so your body can relax. Send this to someone who needs these tips
#stressresponse #stresscycle #stressors #stressrelief #stressless #wellnesstips #wellnessjourney #sciencebackedwellness
Fuel your brain on the go🧠 #fuelyourbrain #wellnesstips #lifesaversgummies #mentalclarityandfocus
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