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CBD Face Masks

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All-Natural & Vegan Ingredient,  10mg CBD each | THC-Free, Manufactured in small batches in Denver, CO.

Our CBD face masks will help you keep your skin healthy and smooth! All natural ingredients with anti-inflammatory & antibacterial properties. Experience all six of our premium CBD infused face masks.

Organically grown and locally produced

Good vibes only. Love it or send it back

All natural ingredients. No chemicals

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CBD Face Masks for Sale

In a world that feels thoroughly wild a great deal of the time, face covers are a little extravagance accessible for the greater part of us. They can assist us with unwinding, and even reproduce a spa experience at home.

CBD items offer the unwinding and relief from discomfort advantages of cannabis without its psychoactive results or that high you get from THC. For some hoping to improve their wellbeing or magnificence routine just, that is ideal.

What's Inside the Face Mask collection?

Why Use CBD Face Masks?

Using Vesl Oils CBD face masks could fundamentally upgrade your skincare schedule:

  • Acne –  Acne causes redness and expanding, and as per the exploration, CBD standardizes skin cell development and battle skin break out related aggravation.
  • Scarring – Specialists have uncovered that CBD topicals can “fundamentally improve” patients’ scar tissue.
  • Inflammation –  CBD, as an intense calming, may treat skin issues like psoriasis, rosacea, and dermatitis, and has been appeared to treat irritation and torment in rodents.
  • Calm skin –  The mitigating characteristics of CBD face creams can calm tingling, dryness, and red skin.
  • Anti-aging –  CBD can treat irritation, dryness, and free extreme harm, also maturing harm like wrinkles, barely recognizable differences, and dull spots.
  • Equilibrium composition – CBD may help forestall inconsistent spots or a slick T-zone by helping the skin’s endocannabinoid framework in keeping up hydration in the face’s skin and halting overabundance oil for all skin types.

CBD Face Masks Key Ingredients and Benefits

A CBD face mask you say?

This face mask is best against most skin conditions. The antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of the ingredients will help you fight any flare ups and moisturizing oils will keep your skin looking young. For best results, it’s perfect that you use it at night time. Wash your face thoroughly and make sure that there are no traces of makeup. Wash your face and apply the face mask. Leave the face mask for at least 15 mins. Pat dry after.

All Natural Skin Care

At VESL we know that all remedies for the human body can found in nature. That’s why we combine natural ingredients that can act in synergy to provide you with the best benefits. Pure CBD oil is amazing for your skin!

  • We source our raw CBD hemp from certified Farms in Colorado & Oregon
  • We source VEGAN, cruelty-free, non-GMO & paraben free ingredients
  • Our 8,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Denver CO is GMP compliant

Facemask FAQ

12 reviews for CBD Face Masks

  1. Miriam Walsh

    This is going to be my favorite of the bunch. All the ingredients are geared toward giving a younger, tighter skin. This is what I need.

  2. Stephanie Bono

    I love everything about the new face masks. New packaging, more flavors to choose from, improved ingredients, everything is better than before. Thank you VESL OILS for continuously improving your products! This is a company I can behind with.

  3. Carrie Evans

    Being a fan of your face masks before. I can see that this is the upgraded play on the pineapple and papaya face mask. I think that the added ingredients really mesh with the original flavors. I just can’t wait for it to relaunch!

  4. Erica Sentosa

    This is the acne treatment I’ve been waiting for. Please have it on this week and I will purchase a bunch.

  5. Joan Collins

    I loved the activated charcoal face masks before. But now this is even better. I can’t wait to purchase this.

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