The perfect VEsSeL

For thousands of years, our product has continuously been developed by every civilization around the world. We aren’t doing anything new! The hemp plant will continue to change life on this planet FOREVER. We are just excited to bring this powerful medicine to you and your family while we have the opportunity. What we are trying to accomplish is much larger than ourselves. By setting a new standard, we can ensure that we ADD to the rich history of this amazing plant.

Take a stand

We believe in thinking for yourself and standing up for what you believe in. In our case, it’s challenging the system, while trying to reconnect with natural ways of healing. Our bodies are designed to heal themselves, all we have to do is give it the proper tools to work with. Everything that our bodies need to heal is already on this planet — naturally! Reconnecting with nature and our bodies is a challenge we must ALL take on.

By changing the way we think, we can change the way we heal.

The Backstory

We have been using Cannabis for the majority of our lives, but growing up in Texas our families were completely unaware of the beneficial properties of this plant. Needless to say, when our grandparents started having health complications, cannabis was the last thing our family members wanted to try. The news, their community members, and law enforcement have been creating a negative stigma around hemp for decades. Living in a society where information is being manipulated, it was very hard to persuade them to try this natural method of healing.
They “just didn’t trust it!”

Vesl Hemp leaf Right side

The Birth

In 2016 we were introduced to CBD and immediately saw the potential benefits of this cannabinoid. We carefully crafted our first CBD oils and sent them to our family members — and don’t forget the dogs! Within a week, we had received positive testimonials from each of our families. Remarkably they all experienced relief in different ways! This is when we knew we had to be the “vessel” that made this product available to all, and VESL was born.

The Plan

For the past four years, we have been formulating your VESL products at our 12,000 sq ft manufacturing facility outside beautiful Denver, CO. We have always believed that industry leaders are established by doing things differently. This is why we have put so much effort into developing the best products we can, to STAND OUT amongst the crowd.

The Promise

We want to make a lasting impact on the hemp and cannabis industry. We pledge to keep pushing the boundaries in growth & development, so we may continue teaching the world about natural healing and the VESL culture.

Please help us spread awareness of this AMAZING plant to as many people as we can!


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