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All natural ingredients. No chemicals

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And then there was OLAH

After the country was shocked by inferior and dangerous vape products – we knew that something had to be done. So, we decided to take our old products off the site & reengineer them while the industry settled back down. Our team sat-back and studied every aspect about this new problem. We set out to find the industry’s leading hardware and quickly realized that we needed to design our own – so we did! Then, we knew we had to find a laboratory making cutting edge cannabis oil & finally found the best hemp oil on the market. After months of work we are proud to present OLAH – our new vape brand!

CBD Vaporizers for sale

With only two ingredients, these are the healthiest vaporizers on the market. Pure CBD distillate + natural plant terpenes. Our new hardware is made from medical-grade ceramic and contains NO metals. We have truly redefined what a safe and healthy vaporizer can be.

Why Choose OLAH CBD Vaporizers?

Are you lookin for the best CBD vape online? Well, you found it! This is the healthiest and most safe CBD vaporizer on the market. We are here to issue in a new era for the vape industry. Vaporizing hemp oil is one of the most effective ways to consume cannabinoids. When you vaporize, the beneficial elements are transferred directly into your blood stream. Feel the effects right away!

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What makes OLAH different from the competition?

Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil

We have the highest quality vape oil available.

Cannabinoid Profile

350mg Total = 245mg CBD + 90mg CBG + 15mg CBN

NO Fillers

Our oil is not diluted with any PG, VG, or MCT Oil

Plant Terpenes

All-natural flavorings that are SAFE

NO Heavy Metals

Our vape hardware passes California’s 30-day heavy metals testing

Are all CBD Vape Pens the same?

NO! The industry is plagued with inferior products, and that is why there has been so much negative press around the topic. Many companies are cutting corners and selling, for lack of a better term, BS! We had enough…so we did something about it! Have piece of mind that you are using a safe & healthy product when you vape OLAH!

Have Questions on OLAH Products?

OLAH Vaporizers Faq

5 reviews for OLAH Vaporizer

  1. Dawn Meckelson

    I love this so much but it is still out of stock. Please bring it back asap. The pens I bought last time are almost out.

  2. Carla Nunn

    Cool mint is so smoooooth!

  3. Karen Michaels

    The flavor has definitely improved. The hit is great it really makes you calm down fast. Love the Coconut Lime pen the most.

  4. Irene Watsons

    The hit will envelop you with calmness and the taste of the sweet tangerine vape is perfect for me. The effect is really fast.

  5. Derek Goff

    I have been a long time VESL OILS vape user. I bought it when it first launched around Thanksgiving. I got the cool mint and cotton candy. The taste and aroma is amazing. Basing on my previous vape experience, these are a definite upgrade!

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