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CBD Bath Bombs

Soak in a CBD oil-filled bathtub and soothe your tired muscles, hydrate your skin, and revitalize your body for a guaranteed stress-free self-care day. Our CBD Bath Bomb formula uses all natural skincare ingredients without harsh chemicals, heavy metals, or artificial dyes. VESL’s CBD + CBG Bath Bombs are so different – calling them bath bombs almost doesn’t do them justice.

Organically grown and locally produced

Stress-free, guaranteed

All natural ingredients. No chemicals

Consistent Quality

Bath Bombs For Sale

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CBD Bath bombs benefits

VESL’S CBD Bath Bomb was created to maximize the benefits of bath bombs together with the combination of CBD and CBG. With the oils in our CBD Bath Bomb formula, the repairing, hydrating, and healing effect makes your skin feel smoother. The CBD+CBG ingredient may also help alleviate chronic pain and inflammation. The carefully selected essential oils blend will relax you and take the stress away.

Our formula

Vesl CBD bath bombs are carefully made in small batches with all-natural ingredients, CBD + CBG, and other restorative and moisturizing ingredients such as Coconut Milk and Sea Kelp to give you a spa-like experience.

Dark Matter CBD Bath Bomb

Together with the CBD+CBG, Vesl’s Dark Matter CBD Bath Bomb contains Activated Charcoal that deeply clean pores; COQ1 as anti-aging; Jojoba oil rich in antibacterial and moisturizing properties; Mustard Seed Powder that contains Vitamin A, C, and K; and Tumeric Root to brighten the skin. Check out the full product info and ingredients here.

CBD bath bomb dark matter 100mg CBD + 100mg CBG
CBD Bath bomb Continuum 100mg CBD + 100mg CBG

Continuum CBD Bath Bomb

If you think that a healthy skin is a beautiful skin then Continuum CBD Bath Bomb is for you. It has all the key ingredients to maintaining healthy skin in 1 step. It contains Coconut Milk for elasticity and flexibility of the skin and MSM that helps with its strengthening effect. Aloe Vera and Jojoba Oil are here to deeply moisturize and Dragon Fruit powder to give you a boost of antioxidants. Check out the full product info and ingredients here.

Retrograde CBD Bath Bomb

Feel fresh with Retrograde CBD Bath Bomb. This formula is rich in minerals and antioxidants designed to restore your skin from outside stressors. Matcha Tea helps to reduce UV rays damage; Blue Spirulina prevents and fights free radicals; Sea Kelp acts as a moisturizer while being rich in minerals and antioxidants; Alpha Lipoic Acid provides anti-aging effects; and Jojoba oil is a strong antibacterial protecting your biggest organ, your skin.

CBD bath bomb retrograde 100mg CBD + 100mg CBG

Cbd bath bombs wholesale

We offer CBD bath bombs wholesale as an option for businesses that wish to grow more as a business. We designed it to allow entrepreneurs to grow in the CBD market with products that are natural and effective. When you partner with us, you gain access to our high-quality product line, marketing materials, industry-leading experts, and our very own dedicated customer service. See more about our wholesale offer

Why Choose Vesl Oils Bath bombs

Vesl’s CBD Bath Bombs contain all-natural ingredients and are produced in consistent quality. All ingredients were thoroughly considered to work in synergy with each other to produce the best benefits. We created bath bombs that have the healing power to restore and maintain your skin as well as ease any signs of stress on your body. We have gone full-on natural because natural is always the best, and best is what we want for our guests.

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