Muscle Gel 5000mg (8oz)

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Our EXTRA STRENGTH CBD topical provides direct application of cannabidiol to any specific area of the body. It goes to work instantly where applied; especially effective for recovery. All of our products, use hemp oil extracted from grown hemp that is grown organically in the US. Our hemp topical products include all natural ingredients like menthol, capsicum, camphor, and chamomile. Which naturally provide a warming/cooling effect when used on painful areas. Our CBD topicals and CBD products are made with pure CBD and are always 100% THC free.

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CBD muscle gel products. 1000mg, 2000mg, and 5000mg muscle gels

Why Buy Cbd Topical Cream Online

The CBD market has exploded over the past few of years. Numerous companies are now offering a wide range of CBD products. The lack of regulation, however, have led to confusion for the customers. With inferior products being widely sold on the market, it can be hard to know what brands you can trust. Do your research on what you’re buying. Before purchasing any CBD Topical online, make sure you’re buying a product from a certified CBD manufacturer.

We hold ourselves to the highest standard, which is why we use the purest hemp products derived from Colorado grown hemp. By focusing on pure ingredients we are able to provide quality products to our customers. We believe our customers should always receive quality CBD products and our CBD muscle rub is the perfect example of this mission.

One of our goals at VESL is to be one of the leading cannabis brands in the country. We will always offer nothing but high-quality products that are superior to the competition. However, we  are not just here to do business. Our founders have had people in their lives that could have benefited from hemp but never had the freedom nor the resources at their disposal for access to it. Because of that, our main goal is to provide high quality CBD products that your family can trust in. By doing this we can help correct the industry while raising the standard for products everywhere.

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Extra Strength Muscle Gel Faq

12 reviews for Muscle Gel 5000mg (8oz)

  1. Danielle Carter

    I love the travel size muscle gel and use it every time. But I was informed that this is better so I tried it. This really worked well for my sciatica and I am feeling much better and can walk and work comfortably.

  2. Mason Rich

    This is an amazing topical gel. It’s not greasy to apply and the effect is really great. It really managed my arthritis. Now the pain is unnoticeable.

  3. Macy Lebowski

    I suffered from continuous pain from sciatica and it is really bothersome, especially when I want to stay active. This is the only product that helped me go through this. It made the condition less and less painful. Now I’m happier and can do more this than I used to.

  4. Liam Jefferson

    I suffer from severe sciatica and loved the 1000mg gel. But this product is a great upgrade in terms of effectiveness. It lessened the pain more. Now I hardly notice it.

  5. Marcus Wilson

    I am a gym rat and I always have pain after each workout. Among all the pain products I used from different companies, only this gel really helped me recover faster.

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