what your favorite season says about you

What your favorite season says about you

We all have that one season we look forward to each year. We count the days until it arrives hoping it’ll last longer. Do you enjoy the high temperatures of summer or feel more at ease with the cold winter weather? Or maybe the change in leaves as they go from green to red, orange, yellow, or brown before they fall during the fall season is more appealing to you? How about those new seedlings that sprout out of the ground while hibernating animals start to wake up again in spring? Each season brings us different joy and hope but there is one that has an effect on our mental state. But, do these seasonal preferences really speak something about our personalities? Let’s see what your favorite season says about you!

There is limited research providing the relationship of seasonal preferences to human psychology. But according to scientists, external factors during seasonal changes such as air temperature and daylight exposure have a significant impact on our mood and social behavior.

Temperature and Daylight


Some may notice that they are likely to experience depression and mood disorder symptoms during winter. Because of the season’s colder temperature, it is more difficult to accomplish some tasks and get some work done. And these can have a negative effect on some people’s mental state.

A 2014 study investigated the effects of air temperature on people’s reasoning and decision-making skills. And the result of this study is very interesting. People in warm rooms may perceive suspects as impulsive and angry while those in cold rooms are more likely to see them as cold-blooded, premeditated offenders. This proves that air temperature can have an impact on people’s interpretations and judgments of others.

In another 2008 study, researchers found that when the participants are holding a hot drink, they tend to see people around them as warm, kind, and friendly. On the other hand, having a cold drink can cause the same people to view others as hostile and colder. The temperature of your favorite season might say something very specific about your personality. Keep reading to find out!


Most of us feel happy and energetic on bright and sunny days and low and exhausted during dark and gloomy days. Therefore, depending on our personality characteristics, we tend to prefer certain seasons over others based on the number of sunny days.

Shorter winter days mean less light exposure, which causes changes to the circadian rhythm. A disruption to the circadian rhythm can affect a number of functions in our body such as metabolism, mood, energy levels, sleep pattern, and more.

So, what your favorite season says about you?


Summer is the time of the year when the days are long and the sun is out most of the days. People who love summertime usually follow an active lifestyle. Traveling, exploring, and being a beach bum are just some of your favorite activities. You love to be independent and have your own freedom. And you are not afraid to take advantage of the opportunities coming your way. Plus, you’re confident and comfortable, so you are always ready for the swimsuit season!

The ultimate summer lovers are confident, outgoing and free-spirited. Do these sound familiar to you?

what your favorite season says about you


During autumn, the color of the leaves changes, eventually falling and painting the streets with beautiful earthy colors. Those who love the fall season find these changes exciting. But who wouldn’t? Aside from appreciating the beauty around them, fall people also have a constant desire for change and are always looking for new opportunities. Your family and loved ones are your first priority so you love spending time with them.

If you’re always excited for the arrival of this season every year, then it indicates that you are family-oriented, have an easy-going personality, and feel comfortable with change.


Winter is for cuddles under a cozy blanket, and sipping hot chocolate while sitting by the fireplace. It is the chilly season when everything seems more quiet and gloomy.

If you like the cold, the heavy and warm clothes, and the stillness that comes with this season then you are most likely a mentally resilient person. You are good at making hard decisions and you appreciate alone time. You also value your family and friends and will do anything for them.

So if you can’t wait for Jack Frost to start nipping at your nose and absolutely fond of the winter weather, then it means you are loyal, decisive and introvert.


Spring is all about fresh starts. From the trees getting the green colors back, and flowers blooming to animals roaming around again after the hibernation season. If you love this season then you’re always looking for a new opportunity to start fresh, and better yourself. You love to think about trying new adventures and activities. Maybe searching for new hobbies or exploring a new city. You crave new experiences in life and never miss an opportunity that comes your way. Whenever you set a goal, you make sure to work your way towards it.

If spring is your thing then you may have a natural leadership spirit. You are also creative, energetic, and hard working.

Final Note

The change of seasons gives us the opportunity to self-reflect, start new goals and work our way towards them.

Whether you’re a summer enthusiast, fall fanatic, winter craver, or spring lover, there is a season that best represents your personality. Now the we know what your favorite season says about you, tell us which one is your favorite!

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