reasons why you should warm up before exercise

5 reasons why you should warm up before exercise

We get it, with our busy schedules and never-ending responsibilities, finding time to exercise can be difficult. So some of us tend to just skip the warm up and proceed right away to the workout. Although warm ups probably won’t help much with burning calories or building muscle, they’re important and will help set you up for success! And here are the reasons why you should warm up before exercise:

You’ll have a lower risk of injury

The last thing we want when trying to become the best version of ourselves by hitting the gym is to become injured. Warming up before you begin any physical activity is crucial to make sure that you’re actively taking steps to reduce your likelihood of an injury. It also preps your body for the upcoming workout. In addition, it improves muscle elasticity which in turn reduces muscle soreness.

Certain physiological responses such as increased blood flow, respiration, and heart rate play important roles in helping your body avoid certain injuries. Warm ups trigger these responses making your body become more resilient.

Your body and muscle temperature will increase

Increased body and muscle temperature are essential during a workout and a good warm up helps you achieve these.

An increase in blood temperature allows you to work out longer and harder. While increased muscle temperature improves muscle elasticity and flexibility and decreases muscle tightness.

You’ll increase your flexibility

Warming up activates and primes the connections between your nerve and muscles. These in return improves the efficiency of movement, limits the chance of muscle pull and joint pain, and prepares your muscles to stretch during exercise.

You may exercise longer

When too much lactic acid builds up in the blood, you may experience muscle ache, rapid breathing, nausea, and even stomach pain. Lactic acidosis may happen if you don’t warm up before an intense workout. This may be temporary but it affects the quality of the exercise.

Acid builds up less quickly and suddenly if you warm up. So your body adjusts to the increased demands during exercise. As a result, you can work out harder and longer.

reasons why you should warm up before exercise

You’ll be prepared mentally

Aside from being prepared physically,  it is also very important that you are mentally prepared before you start a workout. Achieving body goals is not easy and won’t happen right away. So if you don’t have the right mindset every time you hit the gym or start exercising at home, you might give up easily. Use your time warming up to think about what you’re about to do. This will help you face both failures and success while exercising with enthusiasm.

Simple tips to warm up like a pro

Now that we already know why warming up is a must before workout, let’s learn some simple yet effective tips so you can warm up like a pro!

Avoid the foam roll

Foam rolling, trigger ball, or self-massage techniques place our muscles in a state of relaxation. This may benefit you if you have some pain-based problems but if you are about to undergo strenuous exercise, the last thing you want is to be in a state of relaxation. Choose a warm up that will prepare your body for movement rather than calm you down.

No static stretching

Stretching your back and hamstrings by bending forward is not necessary during warm up. Why? It’s because that is not the way our body behaves during exercise so it’ll just be a waste of warm up time. Choose a routine depending on what type or how intense your workout would be.

Start doing dynamic warm-ups

Movement, mobility work, light resistance, and moving your joints or muscles in a way that would reflect what you are about to do is best. These are some of the dynamic stretches that help you warm up before your workout: Hip Circles, Arm Circles, Arm Swing, High Stepping, and Lunges with a twist.

Start easy then build the intensity

Start easy then build the range and speed of movement of your limbs and the load on each muscle. Doing to properly helps you feel the transition into your chosen exercise to be easy  and non-stressful.

Create a routine but keep it short

Having a routine helps you to stay on track. But there is no scientific evidence suggesting that longer warm ups are better than short ones. So just keep it short but build it up quickly.

Be prepared!

Making sure that you have your workout gear and equipment ready before your warm up and exercise helps you to get the most out of your limited time or schedule.

Also, don’t forget to carry your CBD muscle gel every time you hit the gym or exercise at home to help ease muscle soreness and joint pain.

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