CBG Oil – Watermelon

Watermelon was selected by our customers as the TOP CBG FLAVOR! With thousands of votes, this was the most selected flavor by VESL customers.

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High-Quality CBG hemp oil

Enjoy the benefits of CBG, and none of the high! CBG Oil Tinctures are easily-absorbed by the tissue in our mouth, and because of this you will feel the effects of CBG faster. Improve your endocannabinoid system with VESL CBG Oil CBG products online, are non-psychoactive & contain zero levels of THC. We manufacture the highest quality CBG hemp oil on the market. VESL OILS’ Pure CBG oil is always 3rd party lab-tested so you can always trust in our product. We ensure consistency and quality in all of the CBG products we manufacture. Pure CBG drops contain, organically grown hemp-derived CBG, and they are always 100% THC free. Your #1 trusted source for CBG and the best CBG store online!

What can CBG do for you?

When you buy hemp oil online, it can be incredibly tough to distinguish one company from the next. Many brands are just white label products, this means they buy mass-produced & low quality products to just resell. These companies operate with no passion behind the manufacturing and they are selling inferior products. If you know your stuff, you know that the best brands make their own products. They extract their own CBG oil with high grade equipment. And they offer third-party testing and analysis for each batch. We are transparent with everything we do and because of that we offer the best CBG oil online.

Cannabigerol Oil: The Basics

Cannabigerol or CBG is being heavily researched. More and more and hemp-based products are being made, but what is the difference between CBD and CBG? Scientists  are continuing to learn about the many uses and benefits there are for products containing CBG hemp oil and CBG extracts. Hemp oil products, in addition to their CBG content, contain a wide range of applications for humans and animals. Browse through our blogs about Cannabigerol, CBG oil tinctures, and CBG products. You’ll find the benefits of CBG and more on what is CBG. VESL OILS delivers everything you need in terms of the highest quality hemp CBG products and very rare CBG oil drops.

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CBG hemp oil watermelon flavor 1500mg dropper bottle on a display stand
CBG hemp oil watermelon flavor 1500mg cbg tincture

What makes VESL CBG different from the competition?

We can list a number of reasons that give our products unrivaled quality, purity, and consistency:
  • We manufacture all of our own products in-house in an 8,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Denver CO.
  • We source organic, non-GMO, and chemical free ingredients + pure CBG hemp from certified Farms in Colorado & Oregon
  • We use 99.9% PURE CBG extracts in all of our CBG oils


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12 reviews for CBG Oil – Watermelon

  1. Regine Tyler

    I love the refreshing flavor of this CBG oil! I researched and it may help with muscle contractions. It worked for me when I have dysmenorrhea. Now I know what to use every time that time of the month comes.

  2. Glenda Hall

    I feel like I’m on the beach sipping my watermelon juice when I’m using this. Just using it for a week made me calmer and have more energy.

  3. Jocelyn Fleming

    This is the first CBG product I used and I really love it. I love watermelons and this oil is very delicious.

  4. Madeline Strauss

    I just received this oil and I love the flavor! It’s just like taking watermelon juice. Very delicious!

  5. Cathy Wilson

    Just made my first purchase of this CBG. I’m super excited about this. I hope this is as good as the other CBG flavors.

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