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CBG Oil Mint Chocolate 500mg


One of the most rare and sought after cannabinoids on the market is CBG. We are lucky enough to work with some of the top labs in the world and have formulated one of the only Pure CBG Oil Tinctures available. Our CBG products are formulated with +99% pure CBG oil and taste great! THC FREE -and- Legal in all 50 states

What is CBG? Both CBG and CBD are considered non-psychotropic, meaning they won’t alter your state of mind in a way that would inhibit your daily functions. However, alter your mind and body in a way that could potentially relieve many things that have a negative impact on your health.

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0% THC

High-Quality CBG hemp oil

Manufacture one of the highest quality CBG hemp oils on the market, VESL is dedicated to innovation. Our persistency results in the best hemp products available. VESL OILS’ hemp products are always 3rd party lab-tested so you can always trust in our product’s accuracy. We ensure consistency and quality in  all that we manufacture. Pure CBG drops contain oil extracted from organically grown hemp, and they are always 100% THC free. Enjoy the benefits of CBG, while none of the high! Improve your endocannabinoid system with VESL CBG Oil, CBG Oil Tinctures are easily-absorbed by the tissue in our mouth, and because of this you will feel the effects of CBG faster. CBG products are non-psychoactive & contain zero levels of THC.  Your #1 trusted CBG store online!

500mg of Cannabigerol (CBG)  30mL bottle = 16mg CBG per serving

Ingredients: USP grade MCT oil, (Pineapple, Orange, and Raspberry Extracts), Pure CBG (Cannabigerol), Pure Spearmint Extract

Servings Per Container: 60

Suggested Serving: 1/2 dropper twice per day

Directions: A full dropper is 1mL (16mg CBG), SHAKE WELL, Use as desired, Squeeze dropper under tongue and let sit for 30-40 seconds

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA

Cannabigerol Oil: The Breakdown

CBG is non-psychoactive so you will not get “high” when you take it. Like CBD, Cannabigerol also interacts with the CB1 and CB2 receptors found in the ECS helping you maintain a state of internal balance. CBG is very promising and there are potential benefits that are pushing researchers to conduct more and more studies. CBG is referred to as the “stem cell” of the cannabinoids or the “mother molecule” meaning that all cannabinoids are derived from this molecule. Without CBG there would be no medical benefits found in hemp or the cannabis plant. Scientists are finding out that our bodies accept CBG very efficiently and it may even have higher healing properties than other more-known cannabinoids.

New CBG drops mint chocolate

Be confident in VESL CBG Oil

When shopping around for CBG online, you will quickly see we are one of the only companies offering a pure CBG product. Let us take the guess work out of it for you, VESL offers the highest quality pure CBG oils online! Like all our our products, they are priced the most affordable anywhere. We are on the cutting-edge of hemp research and development, you should try CBG oil today!

What makes VESL CBG so powerful?

We can list a number of factors that separate our products from the competition.

Unrivaled quality, purity, and consistency

We manufacture all of our own products in-house in an 8,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Denver CO.

We source organic, non-GMO, and chemical free ingredients + pure CBG hemp from certified Farms in Colorado & Oregon

We use 99.9% PURE CBG extracts in all of our CBG oils

We test samples from our products in laboratories to ensure we always potency testing available for our customers

Can I Trust Vesl Oils CBG?

Many brands are just selling “pre-made products” this means they buy mass-produced & low quality products to just slap a label on and re-sell the items. These companies operate with no passion, there is no research  behind their manufacturing, and they are often times selling inferior products. If you agree with us, you know that the best cannabis brands make their own products. They extract their own CBG oil with high grade equipment, and they offer lab testing and analysis for each batch. At VESL, we are transparent with everything we do.

Have Questions on CBG Products?

CBG Oil F.A.Q.

22 reviews for CBG Oil Mint Chocolate 500mg

  1. M

    Mandy Richardson

    Love the taste of this CBG. You can taste that the chocolate flavor is very high quality.

  2. C

    Chris Anderson

    This is a very decent oil. I must say that they flavor is very unique to the other CBG products but I like it. As for the benefit, it helped me cure colitis and helped me sleep better.

  3. V

    Veronica West

    This is the perfect tandem for my hot cocoa every morning. The oil is great in helping me sleep well every night and reducing my anxiety attacks

  4. P

    Pamela Perez

    This mint chocolate oil is one of the tastiest oils I bought. It helped me with the pain because of my gout. It lessened the inflammation as well.

  5. A

    Ana Marie Guzman

    I was skeptical of CBD and CBG before. My boyfriend asked me to try it out since he uses it for his pain. I don’t have many complaints with my body but I was really bothered lately and can’t sleep as much as I need. But this oil helped me fix my body clock and I am now sleeping at the right time with the appropriate hours of sleep.

  6. B

    Brooklyn Stevens

    I really love the minty chocolatey taste of this oil. This is not something you can find on most CBD and CBG oils. This makes you feel that you’re getting a treat while gaining a lot of benefits. Thanks a lot!

  7. M

    Manny Winters

    This flavor is fire! the minty chocolate taste is very delicious. It is very effective as well. It lessened the occurrence of my IBS and anxiety.

  8. W

    Winston Miller

    The mint chocolate flavor is very delicious. I have used this for a month now and I have been satisfied. It helped me sleep better, keep the anxiety away, and make me more active. I really love this product.

  9. J

    Jenny Adams

    I have tried this for 3 days now and all I can say is that this is the most delicious flavor out of the bunch. But I’m still waiting for the benefits. I read that it may take a week or so for the effects to kick in. I’m really excited.

  10. D

    Devon Willis

    I think the flavor is fire! I like it so much. The effects are nice and it helped me sleep better.

  11. E

    Emilia Lockley

    I love this flavor the best out of the three. This is just my opinion but you can give it a try. I was an avid CBD fan but CBG works better for me.

  12. L

    Leticia Egan

    I like how nice this flavor is. I just got mine yesterday so I’ll place a review again about the benefits.

  13. K

    Kara Firlit

    This is the best tasting CBG I’ve tried. Nice job picking this flavor 🙂

  14. E

    Edith Francisco

    Love the taste of this CBG oil. I never thought that taking something healthy can be this good!

  15. F

    Floyd Colton

    This is the most exciting CBG flavor I tried. The taste is on point! I am enjoying this oil more and more.

  16. R

    Ronnie Diaz

    I love the taste of this product. It’s a decent CBG oil the 1,000mg for me is better but this product is great as well.

  17. K

    Kathleen Arbuckle

    I like the taste. It’s pretty effective as well.

  18. R

    Rose Ann Sparks

    Perfect combination of taste and efficacy! I love the minty chocolate taste and it really works. I have been suffering from IBS but since taking this product, it has been normalized. Thanks a lot!

  19. D

    Doug Maxwell

    This is a great CBG flavor. It works for me as well as the cinnamon but I think I like this flavor more. Great job coming up with these new flavors.

  20. M

    Manny Inglebert

    It’s actually better than ice cream. The taste is amazing. Nice formulation and I like how well it works for me

  21. J

    Joseph Wartz

    The taste is spot on! I love the minty chocolate taste and it makes me enjoy taking it more. I take it sublingually.

  22. T

    Tim McCollum

    Wow! The delivery is really fast. My first impression is that the taste is really good. I mixed it with my chocolate drink and it blended really well. I am hooked on this!

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