Nature Driven Anti Anxiety Remedies

Nature Driven Anti Anxiety Remedies

Anxiety, we all hear about it. Whether you know someone that suffers from it or you experience it first hand. Instances that present stress, pressure, and even danger, make us anxious. But for some people, anxiety is an everyday issue. Prolonged anxiety may present a myriad of negative physical conditions so for today, let’s explore nature-driven anti-anxiety ways, tips, and remedies to better manage stress should we experience it in the future.

What is Anxiety?

Anxiety is the body’s physical and mental response to stress. It’s a feeling of fear, being overwhelmed, sometimes a disproportionate reaction to a simple problem, and even hyperventilating. These symptoms can go away and only show up occasionally. However, some people may experience it on a weekly basis and sometimes even daily. If the anxiety persists, it can be considered chronic. It can lead to other mental health issues such as depression or panic disorder. Learning to recognize symptoms and being able to track the frequency is important.

Chronic Anxiety Disorders

Key statistics show that around 31% of adults have experienced anxiety disorders some time in their lives. 

Generalized Anxiety Disorder.

People with this disorder show signs of worry, irritability, fatigue, sleep problems, and restlessness. This experience may last for 6 months and sometimes more. Allowing yourself to be in this state may lead to more and harsher mental, physical, and emotional disorders.

Panic Disorder.

A lot of people are suffering from this and this disorder manifests through recurrent panic attacks. These attacks are associated with sudden and intense fear mixed with sweating, heart palpitations, trembling, feelings of being out of control.


These are classified as feelings of irrational fear of specific things, objects, and situations.

Separation anxiety disorder.

Mostly observed in children but studies suggest that even adults can experience it too. People who have separation anxiety disorder have fears about being separated from people to whom they are attached.

Anxiety Sensitivity

Recently coined around 1985, Anxiety Sensitivity refers to the extent of beliefs that anxiety symptoms can have harmful effects on our physical and mental being. Anxiety is now considered a risk factor for anxiety disorders. 

Anxiety Sensitivity makes the actual anxiety worse because you recognize that a panic attack can lead to something bad when you’re actually having a panic attack. This compounds the symptoms of anxiety even more. 

Nature Driven Anti Anxiety Tips

Nature Driven Anti Anxiety Tips

So finding a solution, if not, a management plan to at least keep your anxiety at bay is really important. We all want to lead a healthy and stress-free life, so here are some nature-driven anti-anxiety tips that you can follow:


Exercising, or just keeping active is a great way to release your stress, eliminating the possibility of anxiety issues. A simple 15-30 walk or jog around the neighborhood is enough to reduce your stress.


Not having enough sleep can cause stress and anxiety and evidently, these can lead to sleep deprivation. It’s a vicious cycle so we have to start by sleeping right.

Cut on caffeine.

If you have a chronic anxiety disorder, caffeine is definitely not good for you. Caffeine is a stimulant, meaning it will give you a boost of energy and increase your alertness. It’s really bad if you want to keep and maintain a healthy length of sleep.

Healthy Diet.

Keep your diet away from processed foods that can lead to increased blood sugar and toxicity from chemicals that are needed in preservatives of canned goods.


A lot may have a hard time believing but meditation and deep breathing have a scientific basis. Doing mindfulness meditation and deep breathing exercises can help reduce stress and anxiety.


Yes, there are teas, especially chamomile tea that can help you reduce your stress. As easy as sitting and sipping your favorite tea can be relaxing and help to lower your cortisol levels. 

Natural Supplements.

There are a variety of natural supplements that we can use to aid in getting away with anxiety. Some people like melatonin and CBN to help them sleep better, others use CBD and CBG oils as part of their daily regimen to reduce and manage stress.


Just like stress, anxiety is now an unwelcome part of our lives because of everything that is happening. But never let anxiety dictate how you should live your life. It can be fought, managed, or even treated naturally. These tips are common as well all know but following them and having the discipline to come through is critical. May we all be disciplined and live better lives!

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