morning ritual mastery

Morning Ritual Mastery with CBD

Morning ritual mastery will not just help you be more productive but will also benefit your overall wellness. Sticking to a schedule can be a great way to avoid stress and anxiety. So we gathered some rituals that you can easily incorporate into your morning routine.

Have a good night’s sleep

Without sleep is impossible to have a productive day. So start your morning routine at your nighttime by giving yourself the opportunity to have a restful sleep. CBN is a unique cannabinoid with natural calming effects supporting healthy sleep patterns. It’s the perfect non-forming habit sleep aid to help you unwind and have uninterrupted sleep.

Warm lemon water

Lemon works wonders, especially in the morning. It can improve your immune system, aids digestion, help you set the day for success, and stimulate healthy brain function. Add some freshly squeezed lemon juice to a cup of warm water and drink it on an empty stomach. Lemon is rich in antioxidants and vitamin C. Pro tip: add CBD oil to your warm lemon water for a boost of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory.


One of our favorites! Journaling is an excellent ritual to help you connect with yourself, relieve anxiety, and help disconnect. Find a nice spot and start journaling while having a cup of coffee or tea with a drop of CBG. Research shows that CBG can increase mental clarity leading to better-managed stress.

10 minutes meditation

Spending a few minutes meditating early in the morning can help you find balance and be present.  Meditation helps relaxation, improves focus, and keeps you away from anxiety. Don’t know how to start? Try to wake up 30 minutes before everyone else, find a calm place in your home, and pick the meditation style you want to learn: breathing deeply, repeating a mantra, reading in a quiet place, or listening to a meditation playlist. Don’t forget to take a CBD gummy before you start your meditation for a better sense of calmness and balance! Research shows that CBD can help manage stress and anxiety which in turn can lead to a calmer mind and relaxed state, which will help a lot in developing morning ritual mastery

Making your bed

This can even sound silly but making your bed can give you a sense of organization, accomplishment, and set the tone for the day. It’s all about the small wins! This easy-to-do chore can also be both fun and productive if you add some twist to it like wearing a CBD Facemask. Packed with antibacterial and antioxidant properties and paired with CBD which has potent anti-inflammatory properties, our CBD face masks can help your skin’s overall health and longevity.

Starting a load of laundry

Starting a load of laundry first thing in the morning can sound like a bad way to start your day. But actually, it’s a perfect time to do it. Getting the laundry done, during the week or on a daily basis means that you don’t need to be doing it on the weekend. It also means being on top of your laundry game and feeling organized in your daily routine plus… you’ll always have your favorite jeans clean and ready. CBG capsule before you start doing your laundry and your other household chores may help complete your tasks quickly. This cannabinoid can enhance focus and mental clarity helping you be present and start your day with the right mindset.

Making a 3-5 things priority to-do list

Consider this a very practical morning ritual. Writing down a priority list for the day will help you avoid forgetting important tasks and improve time management. This will not just benefit you in the short term but you will notice that achieving long-term goals will be easier when you know where to focus your time and energy. While writing your to-do list for the day, you can also enjoy some me-time while wearing a CBD face mask.

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