LGBTQIA owned businesses

Supporting LGBTQIA+-Owned Businesses: Ways to Foster Inclusion and Equality

As the world becomes increasingly inclusive, supporting marginalized communities is more crucial than ever. Supporting LGBTQIA+-owned businesses is a practical way to foster inclusion and equality and build a more equitable future. In this blog post, we’ll explore practical ways to support LGBTQIA+-owned businesses and discuss why it’s vital to do so.

Monetary Support for LGBTQIA+-Owned Businesses

One way is to provide ongoing monetary support. Regularly buying their products or services or donating to non-profits that support them can help create a more sustainable economic ecosystem. In turn, this can help LGBTQIA+-owned businesses achieve financial stability and thrive.

Spread the Word

Another way is to encourage your employer to work with these businesses or share information about their products or services with your colleagues and the local community. By doing so, you can help increase their customer base, boost their visibility, and ultimately promote more inclusion and equality in the community.

Amplify Your Voice

You can also amplify your voice on social media by sharing positive experiences and recommendations for these businesses. These can increase their visibility and attract more customers.

Boost Their Online Presence

By taking a few minutes to write and share a positive review on sites like Yelp, Google, or other review platforms, you can make a huge difference for small businesses. Not only can it enhance their online visibility, but it could also help them attract new customers and improve their search engine rankings.

Diversify Your Network

Expand your professional network through events and digital groups to gain diverse perspectives and build valuable personal and professional relationships.

Collaborate for Change

Partnering with gender-equal and inclusive organizations can uplift LGBTQIA+-owned businesses and promote economic equality and inclusion.

Year-Round Support

Finally, supporting and donating to LGBTQIA+ organizations, events, and initiatives all year round (not just during Pride Month) can provide much-needed resources and support to the community, including business owners.

Final Note

The LGBTQIA+ community is vital to our country. Supporting this community’s owned businesses is essential for fostering economic inclusion and equality. By taking these practical steps, we can make a significant impact. At Vesl Oils, we not only produce quality CBD products but also support this cause and encourage others to join us in creating a more inclusive and equal society for all. Let’s continue to work together towards achieving this goal!

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