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VESL’s complete line of Full Spectrum + Liquid Gels are formulated with a one of a kind cannabinoid profile. Each formula is infused with a complementing carrier oil to enhance the natural benefits. Experience the most diverse cannabinoid profile on the market.

How CBD, CBG & CBN capsules can help

VESL’s Full Spectrum+ Capsules are one of the most unique hemp products online, period! CBD oil is a great option no matter how you prefer to consume it. Our capsules combine the most convenient and consistent way to consume your daily cannabinoids. Most of our customers add our CBD pills to their everyday routine and we love this straight-forward approach. Each capsule is 25mg of full spectrum hemp oil. Our exclusive capsules contain natural ingredients that benefit your body.

They are also perfect to take on the go. And you can trust that you’ll get the same amount of cannabinoids each time. All our CBD capsules for sale are the highest quality CBD products online. Let your body heal itself naturally with the help of CBD. Hemp has been used for centuries by people all around the world. We have perfected this remedy with our latest CBD capsules.

Easy and effective

If you are searching for one of the most simple ways to get your daily CBD serving, it doesn’t get any more convenient than VESL liquid gels. Our customers buy CBD online to improve their daily lifestyle. Thousands of people nationwide trust in VESL OILS and know they getting one of the best CBD formulas on the market. Our belief in quality and integrity encompasses all aspects of our brand. Take the guess work out and find exactly how much CBD you need. 25mg in every single capsule makes it easy to stay on top of your routine.

VESL capsules are safe!

For three years, our hemp capsules have remained one of our top selling hemp oil products. They also contain a full-spectrum hemp oil which is amazing quality! Most cbd oil capsules on the market are made with low quality oil, but not ours. We use only the highest quality CBD distillate (fancy term for CBD oil) and we have paired it with beneficial carrier oils for an extra health boost! Our formulation process is so well designed that you always get an accurate amount of cannabinoids in every CBG oil capsule. Order our CBD, CBG, or CBN capsules online and we know you will be satisfied. Buy hemp capsules online through our award-winning website and trust the quality of our manufacturing.

Who can benefit from CBG softgels?

Full Spectrum plus Pure CBG oil that makes our CBG capsules one of the highest quality CBG pills on the market. Full spectrum hemp oil contains natural fatty acids, a full range of cannabinoids, and natural terpenes. When you buy CBG pills from VESL, you’re getting nothing but the best. It goes without saying, but we’ll say it again, all our products, including our pure CBD pills, are sourced with organic, non-GMO, pesticide, herbicide, fertilizer, and chemical free CBG oil. Grown, extracted, and manufactured right here in the United States of America. Because CBG is so effective for maintaining wellness our capsules can be taken by anyone looking for a natural way to approach health.


There is no difference here, CBD tincture and CBD oil are essentially the same thing. Our CBD oil uses pure MCT oil as a carrier along with pure flavor extracts. We advertise them as both CBD tincture and CBD oil. CBD oil is the most popular CBD and remains our top selling category. Experience the VESL difference today!

You should know that thousands of customers have found that VESL’s CBD oils are the best CBD products available. CBD affects each and every person differently and because of this a wide range of testimonials are reported each day. Most people find help managing daily stress and better sleep patterns. We want to remind you that CBD oil is is not regulated by the FDA, and we cannot advertise our CBD oil as a cure or treatment for any ailment.

Our customers use our CBD oil and CBD products daily to help maintain daily wellness. Some customers find help with a healthy sleep cycle and they receive a calming experience using our CBD oil. We must stress, our CBD products are not to treat or cure any ailment or condition. We do not make medical claims for any of our cannabidiol oil.

Our CBD tinctures arrive in industry standard one ounce dropper bottles with a 1mL dropper for accurate measuring. We recommend “dropping” the oil under your tongue and holding it there for 30-40 seconds before you swallow. The tissue in our mouths are very effective at absorbing the CBD oil.

Our CBD products are not designed to treat any medical ailments. However, an overall sense of calmness, is what our customers experience. In addition to this, their daily stress seems to be better managed when they buy CBD oil from VESL. Keep in mind that the FDA does not regulated CBD. We strive to be the best and our products are always laboratory tested to ensure consistency and potency. Our facility is fully compliant and licensed to manufacture food-grade products in the state of Colorado.

As one of America’s most sought-after CBD brands, we continue to raise the bar in quality and product variety. The biggest reason why is: we manufacture and formulate all of our own products. Most other companies are just buying pre-made products and re-selling them. That’s not what we stand for, and this is how we continue to offer the best CBD oil online. Our CBD oil is THC free and legal in all 50 states. Don’t settle for anything less, our products are priced better and are of higher quality than everyone else out there.

With hundreds of companies offering CBD oil for sale online, it is hard to decide which company to choose. Make sure the CBD oil you are buying has been tested for pesticides and residual solvents, many companies are taking advantage of low-grade hemp making inferior products with it. At VESL we only use hemp oil that is extracted from USA grown hemp. Do not settle for anyone else’s CBD oil, we have the best CBD oil online. Our hemp is grown in Colorado and Oregon by some of the top hemp farms in the world.

Our loyal customers swear by our CBD oil for improving their wellness! A higher quality of life, is what we want to offer our customers. As per our customer’s word, our CBD hemp oils work best to help improve relaxation & focus.

An overall sense of calmness, is the top testimonial our customers come to us with. In addition they say daily stress is better managed when they buy CBD oil from VESL. Our CBD products are not designed to treat any form of medical ailment. Keep in mind the FDA has not regulated CBD yet, but our products are always tested in a laboratory to ensure consistency and potency.

Our CBD tinctures come in four strengths and are offered in many different flavors. We manufacture a 300mg, 500mg, 1000mg, and a 1,500mg formula. Each tincture comes in a 30mL (1oz) bottle. The difference is the potency per mL. The range per serving is from 10mg to 50mg. Everyone will need varying strengths, but keep in mind with our CBD oil tinctures you can control the exact amount you are taking no matter what strength you choose.

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