cbd and pms symptoms

CBD and PMS Symptoms. Can CBD Help?

What is PMS?

Mood swings, bloating, and cramping are just some of the symptoms women suffer from during their period. While others get over this monthly-occurring phase without any signs or only very mild side effects, most women experience more symptoms.

Premenstrual syndrome or PMS affects up to 75 percent of women. These can hinder them to perform and do daily tasks like going to school or attending work. Cannabidiol or CBD is becoming a sensation especially for women because of all the potential benefits it offers. This includes managing the symptoms that come before and even during the menstrual cycle. So let’s learn more about CBD and PMS symptoms.

Symptoms of PMS

Symptoms are different and may also change throughout the life of every woman. It can either be physical or emotional or for some women, both.

PMS’ physical symptoms can include any of the following:


Headache or backache

Swollen or tender breasts


Constipation or diarrhea

Lower tolerance for noise or light

While emotional or mental symptoms of PMS may include:

Mood swings

Mild Irritability


Appetite changes or food cravings

Sleep problems

Concentration and memory difficulties


Causes of PMS

The exact cause of premenstrual syndrome is not clear and is still being researched, but what we do know is that several factors may contribute to the condition:

Hormonal Imbalance

Every menstrual cycle, a woman’s body goes through preparation for the possibility of pregnancy. This may cause hormonal imbalance. Signs and symptoms of PMS change with hormonal fluctuations or imbalance. While it disappears with pregnancy and menopause.

Serotonin Levels

Fluctuations of serotonin could also trigger PMS symptoms. Serotonin is defined as a brain chemical (neurotransmitter) that is known to have an important role in mood changes. Insufficient amounts of this may result in premenstrual depression, as well as fatigue, sleep problems, and changes in appetite.

How to Manage PMS Symptoms

Finding ways to manage and deal with PMS is a must. Yoga, meditating, eating healthy, getting enough sleep, avoiding tobacco, and coping with stress are just some of the things we can do not just to help relieve the symptoms of PMS but to be healthy in general.

There are also prescription, over-the-counter, and alternative medicines that can help treat some of the symptoms. It is advisable to talk to your doctor first before starting with any medication to better understand the benefits and risks of taking any of these medicines.

cbd and pms symptoms

CBD and PMS Symptoms

Research shows that CBD helps manage some of the symptoms and side effects of PMS.

The cannabinoid receptors throughout the body work with the endocannabinoid system as a homeostatic regulator. Its aim is to maintain a state of balance in all its cells.

CBD helps by promoting the body’s own internal cannabinoids to function more effectively. As a result, it helps reduce stress and inflammation within its own cells. This together with CBD’s pain-relieving and mood-boosting properties may help relieve the symptoms of PMS.

Based on studies and feedback from women who use CBD, it helps lessen cramps, nausea, mood swings, stress, and anxiety while on their period. It may also promote a general feeling of well-being. All of these without the psychoactive effects.

Getting your daily dose of CBD is easy and can be taken in a variety of ways. CBD comes in the form of tincture, capsule, gummy, smokable, and even topical.

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