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Liquid Gel Bundle

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Can’t decide on what capsule is perfect for you? Let’s fix that problem for you! Our Liquid Gels Bundle gives you the liberty from trying to pick what you like. We’ll let you try them all! Our Liquid Gels Bundle is made from full-spectrum hemp and other high-quality natural ingredients. There is nothing else like these products anywhere online! See why VESL is known as one of the most innovative companies around! 

Organically grown and locally produced

Good vibes only. Love it or send it back

All natural ingredients. No chemicals

Fast shipping and delivery

Focus on your health

Our Liquid Gels Bundle provides you with 3 different capsules which are formulated to highlight specific cannabinoids to provide you with benefits specific to your needs.

Are all CBD companies using the same things?

NO! The industry is plagued with inferior products, and that is why there has been so much confusion around what products are actually good for you. Many companies are cutting corners and selling, for lack of a better term, BS! We had enough…so we did something about it! Have piece of mind that you are using a safe & healthy product when you buy CBD online with VESL

Why Choose VESL CBD Products?

At VESL we have some of the industry’s highest standards when it comes to product manufacturing. We are experts at delivering the safest CBD products to customers world-wide. Our hemp is extracted using the healthiest methods currently in use and we lead the pack in quality.

Liquid Gel Bundle for Sale

Bundle & save with the best selling Full Spectrum Capsules VESL has

The Only Bundle You’ll Ever Need

25mg Full Spectrum+ per capsule

CBD Capsules | CBG Capsules | CBN Capsules

A solution for anytime of day

Made from US grown hemp.

Vesl Oils product. CBD, CBG, and CBN liquid gels in a box

What's inside the liquid gel bundle?

CBD Liquid Gels 25mg Capsules Vitamin E Oil

25mg CBD + Vitamin E Capsules

Boost your endo-cannabinoid system with one of the most unique profiles on the market. Infused with Vitamin E Oil and  25mg Full Spectrum+ CBD Formula.

CBG liquid gels Flaxseed Oil. Vesl Oils product

25mg CBG + Flaxseed Oil Capsules

Your brain is a supercomputer. Fuel it like one with our new CBG Liquid Gels.  Infused with Flaxseed Oil, 25mg Full Spectrum+ CBG Formula, Made from USA grown hemp

CBN Liquid Gels 25mg Bundle Inclusion

25mg CBN + Almond Oil Capsules

All our CBN products have less than 0.50mg D9THC. CBN is already a potent sedative. CBN Capsules Infused with Almond Oil and 25mg Full Spectrum+ CBN Oil Formula. Made from USA grown hemp

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA

What makes VESL different from the competition?

Pure Hemp Oil

We have the highest quality Full Spectrum hemp oil available.

Cannabinoid Profile


NO Harsh Chemicals

We have strict product testing standards to ensure safety and quality 

Organic Grown Hemp

All our hemp comes from farms with organic practices 

NO Heavy Metals

Is your CBD safe? Ours is ALWAYS free of heavy metals.

Full Spectrum Capsules F.A.Q.

Have Questions?

By far, an overall sense of calmness, is the most frequent comment our customers give us. In addition, their daily stress seems better managed when they use VESL CBD. More information is coming out to help us better understand all the cannabinoids. VESL products are not designed to treat any medical conditions. The FDA has not regulated hemp yet, but our hemp oil is always tested in a third party laboratory to ensure consistency and potency.

Our customers use our cbg products daily to help maintain their overall wellness. Some customers find they have a healthier sleep cycle when they use VESL. Because of this, they receive a calming experience using our products. We must stress, our products are not made to treat or cure any ailment or condition. We do not make medical claims for any of our goods.

With only a few companies offering pure CBD for sale online, it is hard to decide what company to trust. Make sure the vape oil you are buying has been tested for pesticides and residual solvents. Keep in mind, many companies are taking advantage of low-grade hemp oil to make inferior “cheap” products with it. We only use hemp oil that is extracted from USA grown hemp. Do not settle for anyone else’s hemp based products, we have the best CBD products online. Our hemp is grown in Colorado and Oregon by some of the top hemp farms in the world.

Yes, our CBD line is specifically designed for on-the-go use. Our CBD does not produce any psychoactive effects when consumed. We have formulated a CBD oil with ZERO THC! Our pure CBD oil has been extracted from organically grown hemp from the United States. We use natural oils for the flavor and pharmaceutical grade ingredients.

Thousands of customers have found VESL CBD oils are the best CBD products available. CBD effects each and every person differently but the results are amazing! Because of this, we receive a wide range of testimonials each day. Most customers find help managing their daily stress and some report better sleep patterns. We remind you that CBD oil is is not yet regulated by the FDA. Because of that, we cannot advertise our CBD oil as a cure or treatment for any ailment.

Convenience is a major factor that makes our products so popular. Our CBD oils are easily transportable, always reliable, and capable of helping you anytime during the day. Just knowing that your VESL tincture is with you is relaxing!

We offer great taste and even better prices, but it’s important to us that you are getting a SAFE tincture with the highest quality ingredients from a high quality company.

CBN is know as a potential aid for better sleep cycles and may give you the benefits of a good night sleep.

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