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How to read a CBD/CBG label: What do you need to know?

So, now you’re ready to buy your first CBD! But there is still more that you need to know before you make your first purchase. Let us help you with that. We will guide you on how to read a CBD label and what you need to know. 

Brand or Company’s Website

There are many CBD brands on the market these days. Sometimes, instead of guiding us, it makes us even more confused because of the wide range of products offered.

The first thing that you need to choose is the right company. When choosing a brand, look for these two things:

1.Check the website and how it looks. Reputable CBD companies sell their products online and will invest in making a pleasant, professional-looking website. 

2.Make sure the COAs are available for customers on the website. COAs are the Certificate of Analysis of the products. If they are public, you have the confidence that the brand is transparent and you can check their quality and purity. 

CBD Contents

If you have already researched different CBD companies, you probably felt overwhelmed with some of the descriptions such as full-spectrum, Isolate, Zero THC, among others. Let us help you with that.

Full-spectrum – this refers to all naturally occurring chemical compounds found in hemp

Broad-spectrum – refers to all naturally occurring chemical compounds found in hemp without THC

Isolate – refers to the presence of pure CBD without other cannabinoids. Isolate CBD products should include “THC Free” or “Zero THC” in the label

Another ingredient you may need to know is terpenes. Terpenes, or Terpenoids, are a diverse class of organic compounds found in plants and even some insects. They are responsible for giving a plant a distinct taste and scent. In insects, terpenes are mostly used as defense mechanism making them undesirable for predators. 

CBD companies use terpenes as natural flavoring to their CBD vapes, oils, and other products. Terpenes combined with other Cannabinoids are believed to result in what is called the “entourage effect”. This effect describes how different cannabinoids and terpenes, once combined together interact with the receptors in the brain and the Endocannabinoid System. They work together synergistically to enhance their therapeutic benefits.

CBD Label

Make sure to look at the CBD label when buying CBD products. Some companies may not be completely transparent with it. You may think that you’re getting the desired ingredients in a product but be getting something else that is not even suited to what you need. Learn how to read a CBD label and what you need to know.

When looking at the label, first check if CBD is present in the label. Words like Cannabidiol, CBD, or Hemp Extract are acceptable. Hemp extract is sometimes used instead of CBD because of the changing laws and regulations.

But if the product doesn’t include those terms, you should question the purity of the product. It is important to know that Hemp seeds do not contain CBD or other Cannabinoids present in the Hemp or Cannabis Hemp.

Reputable companies include CBD with a carrier oil to make tinctures. Carrier oils may come as MCT Oil, Grapeseed Oil, or even Hemp Oil.

CBD Concentration

You may see 1,500mg, 1,000mg, 500mg on the label of the CBD products that you buy. These amounts refer to the concentration of CBD in the whole product. To know the specific CBD quantity you’re getting, divide the total mg by the total ml. For example, for 1,500mg CBD in a 30ml bottle, you will be getting 50mg of CBD per ml. This applies to oils, vapes, gummies, salves, gels and other CBD products.

Serving Size

CBD companies may want to give recommendations on how you can administer CBD. Remember that these serving suggestions are not approved by the FDA and merely act as guides to help us consume CBD safely. 

Some CBD oils recommend using 1-2 (1ml) dropper-full per day. Gummies may recommend consuming 2-4 gummies per day.

The best way to get the best information is to seek medical advice from your doctor or Naturopath. 


Having this information will guide you to make an informed decision. Not all CBD companies and products are the same. We buy CBD because of its potential benefits and it is our duty to keep ourselves from sub-standard products that may cause more harm than good. Make sure you read the CBD label and understand what you need to know. 


All information contained in this article is for informational and educational purposes only and is not intended as medical advice. Always consult a physician or a qualified healthcare provider for any questions regarding your health and well-being.

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