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Benefits of a hot bath

When was the last time you had a hot bath? Filling your tub with warm water, lighting scented candles, pouring a glass of wine, then finally dipping your body into the hot-blissful fantasyland? It’s an experience worth having every night. Just closing your eyes and escaping from reality for an hour… sounds like a dream! A hot bath is considered a natural remedy that can help you with your physical and mental health. Many of the benefits of a hot bath are proven by science: 

Relieves stress and anxiety. This one seems like doesn’t even need science to prove, right? It’s almost a fact that after a hot bath you’ll feel more relaxed. The warm water can help to calm the nervous system which reduces the levels of stress and anxiety while improving your mood.

Balances your blood pressure. The warm water temperature expands your blood vessels improving circulation. It also makes your blood more oxygenated by breathing deeper ad slower. 

Improves brain activity. A hot bath cannot only make you feel relaxed but also improve your brain activity. The brain relies on blood to fuel multiple brain processes. Research shows that neck-depth immersion can increase the blood circulation in our brain improving cognition and memory functions. 

Improves your sleep quality. This is no surprise. Body temperature and sleep are basic functions that are directly connected with each other. The warm water triggers important brain areas to initiate sleep. Several studies have shown that taking a 60 to 90 minutes hot bath can improve significantly the sleep quality. 

The role of a hot bath in inflammation

Inflammation is a natural immune response of our bodies against something. It can be from sore muscles after exercising to having fever from the flu. When this happens levels of inflammatory markers rise which triggers a chain of chemicals released by your body to combat the high levels of inflammation. 

Recent research has shown that elevating body temperature can influence this body reaction. The warm water can increase the production of nitric oxide which improves blood flow and transports glucose throughout the body. 

What are Bath Bombs?

We know that a hot bath can be very beneficial but you can always enhance it with certain elements like herbs, bath bombs, and salts. Bath bombs are a combination of dry ingredients and oils. This mixture is usually compacted with mold and dried for 24 hours. This mixture will become solid and will dissolve once dropped into the water. 

Bath bombs come in different shapes, colors, and smells. Some of the common ingredients are: 

Epsom Salt. This essential mineral is an important ingredient in bath bombs as it creates the purifying and detoxifying effect.

Baking Soda and Citric Acid. These ingredients are responsible for creating the fizzle effect while the bath bomb dissolves in water. 

Essential Oils. These have the role of incorporating aromatherapy into your bath bomb. There are many different essential oils and blends, each of them offering unique benefits to your body.

Colors and Fragrances. Different colors and scents stimulate our senses. That’s why you will find many options for bath bombs. At Vesl we believe that the best quality comes from nature and there’s no need to add artificial ingredients.

Other ingredients. These are different ingredients not essential in making bath bombs but are added to increase the overall bathing experience. 


Adding Cannabinoids to your hot bath 

The more the better they say. In this case, adding cannabinoids to your warm bath can give you a significantly better overall experience. For instance, CBD and CBG can help with muscle recovery, general inflammation, and skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. You can incorporate cannabinoids by using a CBD bath bomb. 

Benefits of using bath bombs

Nourish your skin. All-natural ingredients bath bombs, infused with CBD and CBG can hydrate, moisturize, and help combat skin health issues including acne. 

Enhance the natural benefits of a hot bath. A bath bomb can intensify the already benefits of a hot bath

Add aromatherapy. Aromatherapy is a well known natural remedy that uses plant extracts (essential oils) to promote physical and mental wellness. Essential oils are often added to bath bombs adding unique properties to your bath. 

Add fun to the boring plain warm water. Bath bombs spin, fizzle, add color, and sweet smells to your bath experience! 


All information contained in this article is for informational and educational purposes only and is not intended as medical advice. Always consult a physician or a qualified healthcare provider for any questions regarding your health and well-being.

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