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5 ways to incorporate a healthy sleep routine before bedtime

Hemp and Sleep: 5 Ways to Start a Healthy Sleep Routine

Sleep is considered very essential to our physical and mental health. It gives us the much-needed rest and helps us recharge for the next day. Unfortunately, many people have trouble sleeping leading to mood disorders, lack of energy, and even other health conditions. With that in mind, here are 5 ways to start and maintain a healthy sleep routine:

Make and keep a consistent sleep schedule. Your body has a process called the circadian rhythm. It is a process that regulates your wake-sleep cycle, essentially your internal clock. It releases chemicals that induce sleep and triggers the waking-up processes. Keeping a consistent schedule will help the circadian rhythm be on point.

Lighting. Your circadian rhythm is a loop that determines your night and day. To keep it regulated, expose yourself to bright lights, if possible natural light, during the day and make sure your bedroom is dark when you go to sleep. Pro tip: red light stimulates sleep. You can integrate a red light in your bedroom and keep it on for about 30 minutes.

Blue lights. Technology is a big part of our day-to-day and sometimes even at bedtime. But screens emit blue light which tends to keep us awake. White and blue light can mess with your circadian rhythm. It’s best to avoid exposure to screens at least 30 minutes before going to bed. If you can’t resist, you can download several apps that can eliminate blue light from your screen.

Create a sleep-inducing bedroom environment. Creating a relaxing and calm environment will for sure help you build a healthy sleep routine. Make sure your bedroom is dark, your bed is comfortable, and the temperature is right. Most people find around 70F or 20C to be the optimal temperature to sleep in. Another element you can add to your room is a diffuser. Essentials oils such as lavender are known to help your body relax.

Supplements. There are many supplements out there that can help you fall asleep quicker. But the ideal supplement, if you need one, is one that will rebalance your sleep cycle. Hemp-derived cannabinoids, such as CBN or cannabinol, may help your body balance its circadian rhythm. CBN has shown to have sedative properties plus those similar to CBD that may help regulate your Endocannabinoid System (ECS).

These are easy steps you can follow to have a better sleep experience and hopefully regulate your sleep cycle.

All information contained in this article is for informational and educational purposes only and is not intended as medical advice. Always consult a physician or a qualified healthcare provider for any questions regarding your health and well-being.

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