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Cannabis law in Illinois: Can I buy CBD in Chicago?

The cannabis industry is very volatile due to the legislation. Unfortunately, hemp or cannabis is not federally legal and each state has different laws and restrictions. Recently, the state of Illinois changed the rules making cannabis legal for medical and recreational use. Now, many people still wonder if CBD oil in Chicago is legal and easy to buy. 

Interestingly, CBD and the state of Illinois have a very special relationship. CBD or Cannabidiol was first discovered in Illinois by Roger Adams in 1940. At that time, CBD or any Cannabis/Hemp-derived products were prohibited in Illinois because the state passed a resolution prohibiting the use of Cannabis in 1931. 

In 1978, the Illinois parliament started loosening its grip with Cannabis by enabling the use and sales of Cannabis as medical marijuana. In 2013, they enacted the “Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Pilot Program Act”. It endorses the prescription and administration of medical cannabis to patients who are registered in the program. The act also stipulated the 30 medical conditions that allow having access to the prescription. 

But last year, the Illinois General Assembly passed the law legalizing the sale and use of recreational Cannabis. The law has taken effect in January of 2020 making Illinois the 11th state that ended the Cannabis prohibition in the United States.

Does the new law make CBD oil in Chicago legal?

Because of the Hemp Farming Act of 2018, CBD from Hemp is now removed as being a Schedule I Controlled Substance making it legal in all 50 states. The new law in Illinois however, makes CBD and any Cannabinoids derived from Cannabis legal. 

The new Cannabis Regulation and Tax Act comes with restrictions and regulations. The act does not permit the following:

  • Purchasing under 21 years old
  • Possessing cannabis over the allowed limit
  • Driving after consumption 
  • Taking cannabis out of the state
  • Growing without a license
  • Selling without a license
  • Consuming it at non-approved places

Another restriction is where you can sell it. Recreational Cannabis can only be sold at state-licensed medical dispensaries. The state also left the option to individual cities to decide whether they can sell recreational cannabis in their jurisdiction. Check with your local city or town if the sale of recreational cannabis is allowed. 

The state of Illinois is now starting to see the importance and potential benefit of Cannabis and Cannabinoids. Illinois made the necessary changes to make sure its citizens can benefit from it. 

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