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VESL hits NBA All-Star game with partner

VESL hits the NBA All-Star festivities with new partner, Isiah Thomas

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On the heels of announcing their partnership with basketball legend Isiah Thomas, an Arvada-based CBD company is making the most of the NBA All-Star weekend.
“It’s incredible being here with him, everyone has a lot of respect for him,” said VESL Oils President Bobby Scott, who is attending the Chicago festivities this weekend, about being in the company of the 12 time all-star. “But he’s really a humble guy – always has a smile on, always happy. He’s a lot of fun to be around.”
Earlier this week, Thomas’ company, ISIAH International announced its partnership with VESL Oils. At the heart of Thomas’ interest is marketing CBD muscle gels to professional athletic teams, and VESL is now packaging a specific gel at higher strength and a larger size for that purpose, Scott said.
Among the events this weekend VESL is sponsoring an after-hours party for the National Basketball Retired Players Association following the slam dunk contest Saturday evening. Isiah Thomas’ son, Joshua “Zeke” Thomas, chief marketing director at VESL, will be the DJ for the event, along with NBA legend Shaquille “Shaq” O’Neal.

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