Face Mask Collection

Looking for the ultimate GLOW?! #glowup with our CBD infused Face Mask Collection, because really…why just choose one?! Try all 6 of our all-natural, vegan CBD face masks in one perfect bundle glow on girl!

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Face Mask Collection

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Try all 6 masks!

All-Natural & Vegan Ingredients

10mg CBD each | THC-Free

Manufactured in small batches in Denver, CO.

$24.99 $19.99
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Our CBD face masks will help you keep your skin healthy and smooth! All natural ingredients with anti-inflammatory & antibacterial properties. Experience all six of our premium CBD infused face masks.

Key Ingredients and Benefits

Very Panda Berry

Mimicking the actual scents of Heaven, this anti-oxidant rich face mask will have you feeling like a goddess all day long.

Oh My Gourd

It’s like pumpkin pie…but for your face. Gently exfoliate away dry skin with glycolic acid & the natural enzymes of this super amazing food.

Don't Call Me Honey

Live your life like it is golden! The luxurious blend of honey and jojoba oil will brighten your skin and your day.

Hold My Colada

In need of a tropical getaway? Our pineapple and papaya face mask is the ticket to smooth & perfect complexion.

Let Me Clarify

Is your skin screaming for a detox? Cleanse those stubborn pores for good with activated charcoal and organic jojoba oil.

Smooth Operator

Turn the dial to “youthful” any day of the week. Vegan DMAE & organic olive oil work together to restore your glow and wake-up tired skin.

Full Ingredients

CBD skincare

Our face mask collection gives you all the glow! We are serious about skin health and our collection will help you maintain beautiful glowing skin! Safe for all skin-types. Our new face masks are infused with pure CBD and contain 0% THC.

A CBD face mask you say?

This face mask is best against most skin conditions. The antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of the ingredients will help you fight any flare ups and moisturizing oils will keep your skin looking young. For best results, it’s perfect that you use it at night time. Wash your face thoroughly and make sure that there are no traces of makeup. Wash your face and apply the face mask. Leave the face mask for at least 15 mins. Pat dry after.

All Natural Skin Care

At VESL we know that all remedies for the human body can found in nature. That’s why we combine natural ingredients that can act in synergy to provide you with the best benefits. Pure CBD oil is amazing for your skin!

We source our raw CBD hemp from certified Farms in Colorado & Oregon

We source VEGAN, cruelty-free, non-GMO & paraben free ingredients

Our 8,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Denver CO is GMP compliant

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