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CBG Oil – Tropical

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Just in time for summer! 

Tropical flavor is our new Broad Spectrum take on our top selling Rainbow Sherbet Flavor!

What is CBG? CBG Oil will not effect you in a way that would inhibit your day-to-day function. They can, however, alter your mind in a way that could potentially relieve stress and provide mental clarity. The benefits of CBG are astonishing and Scientists believe that CBG oil can have tremendous impact on brain function and over-all health & wellness.

Organically grown and locally produced

Good vibes only. Love it or send it back

All natural ingredients. No chemicals

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High-Quality CBG hemp oil

Enjoy the benefits of CBG, and none of the high! CBG Oil Tinctures are easily-absorbed by the tissue in our mouth, and because of this you will feel the effects of CBG faster. Improve your endocannabinoid system with VESL CBG Oil CBG products online, are non-psychoactive & contain zero levels of THC. We manufacture the highest quality CBG hemp oil on the market. VESL OILS’ Pure CBG oil is always 3rd party lab-tested so you can always trust in our product. We ensure consistency and quality in all of the CBG products we manufacture. Pure CBG drops contain, organically grown hemp-derived CBG, and they are always 100% THC free. Your #1 trusted source for CBG and the best CBG store online!

Why Choose VESL

If you’ve ever spent time shopping around for CBG hemp oil for sale or trying to order CBG oil online, you’ll quickly see we are one of the only companies offering CBG oil or CBG products. Let us take the guess work out of it for you! VESL offers the highest quality pure CBG oils online and they are priced the most affordable anywhere. We are on the cutting-edge of research and development, try CBG oil today!

Cannabidiol Oil: The Basics

Cannabigerol or CBG is being heavily researched. More and more and hemp-based products are being made, but what is the difference between CBD and CBG? Scientists are continuing to learn about the many uses and benefits there are for products containing CBG hemp oil and CBG extracts. Hemp oil products, in addition to their CBG content, contain a wide range of applications for humans and animals. Browse through our blogs about Cannabigerol, CBG oil tinctures, and CBG products. You’ll find the benefits of CBG and more on what is CBG. VESL OILS delivers everything you need in terms of the highest quality hemp CBG products and very rare CBG oil drops.

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CBG hemp oil tropical 1500mg 0% THC and lab tested cbg tincture
CBG hemp oil tropical 1500mg on the display stand

What makes VESL CBG different from the competition?

We can list a number of reasons that give our products unrivaled quality, purity, and consistency:
  • We source our raw CBG hemp from certified Farms in Colorado & Oregon
  • We source organic, non-GMO, and chemical free ingredients
  • Our 8,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Denver CO is fully compliant
  • We can list a number of reasons that give our products unrivaled quality, purity, and consistency:
  • We use the highest grade PURE CBG extracts in all of our formulas


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35 reviews for CBG Oil – Tropical

  1. Kelly Meintel

    Decent oil. It’s delicious and I can see that it has its benefits.

  2. Charisse Milton

    I have used this because I want to go natural. I have made my research about CBG and chose to go with this product. I have been really satisfied. I know that they can’t make any claims but it really helped me cope up with stress and anxiety.

  3. Cora Silva

    I have used this product for weeks and I am really satisfied. I can sleep well and the flavor is amazing.

  4. Marlon Hunt

    I received this product last week and I tried to see if this is better than CBD. All I can say is that the product itself is amazing. The flavor is mild and not overpowering. It actually helped me sleep better. I have no complaints.

  5. mel-blanchette@outlook.com

    I’ve tried the vape pens and the gummies. Just on my first day of this tincture and I really love it. The flavour is mild but very lovely. Can’t wait to see the longterm benefits.

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