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CBD Oil 300mg

VESL OIL’s 300mg Pure CBD Oil Tincture is a great way to achieve a moderate dose of the highest quality CBD oil available. This 0% THC CBD Oil is an easy way to get the benefits of CBD! Our pure CBD oil drops are formulated with +99% pure CBD isolate. Take the drops straight under your tongue or in foods & beverage recipes! Delivers quick results. Unflavored, so you wont taste a thing!

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Size / Volume


Total CBD

300mg CBD

Amount of CBD

1mL = 16mg CBD

Product Facts

0% THC

#1 trusted source for CBD!

We source only the highest quality ingredients in the market, resulting in the best CBD products available in the USA. VESL OILS Pure CBD oil products are 3rd party lab-tested, so you can always trust in our product. Because of that, we can ensure quality and consistency with all of the CBD Products we manufacture. Pure CBD tinctures contain the purest, non-GMO grown hemp-derived CBD, and always0% THC; get all of the benefits of CBD, and none of the high! CBD Oil Tinctures are easily-absorbed by the tissues in our mouths, allowing you to feel the effects faster. Help stimulate your endocannabinoid system with VESL CBD Oil products, they’re non-psychoactive & contain zero levels of THC. You will notice a difference in our products, we can guarantee it. Your #1 trusted source for CBD!

Contains 300mg of cannabidiol (CBD) per 30mL bottle = 10mg CBD per 1 mL

Ingredients: USP grade MCT oil, Pure CBD (Cannabidiol)

Servings Per Container: 60

Suggested Serving: 1/2 dropper twice per day

Directions: A full dropper is 1mL (10mg CBD), SHAKE WELL, Use as desired, Squeeze dropper under tongue and let sit for 10-20 seconds

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA

Cannabidiol Oil: The Basics

AS cannabinoid research continues and hemp-based products become more accessible everyday. Users are continuing to learn about the many applications and benefits of products containing CBD hemp oil. CBG oil is a newly abundant cannabinoid and shows many benefits alone or in conjunction with CBD. Hemp oil products contain a wide range of supportive plant-based chemicals.

Explore our line of CBD and CBG oil tinctures. VESL offers flavored and unflavored versions, as well as formulas ranging from 300mg to 1,500mg. VESL OILS provides the highest quality hemp extract products and is one of the first companies to offer CBG tinctures.

CBD tincture product

Why Choose Vesl Oils Cbg?

Browsing online you will find many options for cannabinoid products and it can become overwhelming. Please! Let us take the guesswork out of this task! VESL offers the highest quality pure CBD oils online at the most affordable prices. Also check out location map for retailers near you!

There are tons of brands that offer a range of CBD products, so the question remains: “What makes VESL CBD products any different from the competition?”

  • We manufacture all of our own products in our 8,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Denver CO
  • We source organic, non-GMO, pesticide, herbicide, fertilizer, and chemical free ingredients.
  • We source our raw hemp from certified Farms in Colorado & Oregon.
  • We use only the highest grade PURE CBD extracts in all of our formulas.
  • We test samples from our products with independent, third party laboratories and always have up-to date batch testing available on our website.

All products from VESL OILS are sourced from industrial hemp that is grown in the United States. Quality products separate themselves from the competition; we the most reputable vendors with a name that you can trust. VESL will strive to maintain this title as one of the best hemp companies in the world.

Is All Cbd From Hemp The Same?

As stated, when you buy hemp oil online, it can be incredibly tough trying to distinguish one company from the next. Many brands are white label products with no passion behind the manufacturing. We feel that the best brands make their own products , know their ingredients from top to bottom, offer third-party testing to produce solvent-free hemp products.

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6 reviews for CBD Oil 300mg

  1. S

    Sammy Rogers

    This CBD oil is amazing. I’ve used this for a while now and I can say that I am calmer than before. I don’t easily get anxious and the anxiety attacks are down to a minimum.

  2. T

    Traci Tuttle (verified owner)

    Fantastic product. I use it twice daily as part of my routine. It keeps the anxiety at bay which makes me more patient. My husband reported he has witnessed the positive impact it’s had on me. He says I’ve been falling asleep faster and sleeping harder.

  3. J

    Jenny Williams (verified owner)

    very underrated. Most people would look to a higher dosage but this product is very effective and very affordable. I use it twice a day and it helped me sleep well.

  4. B

    Betty O’Shea (verified owner)

    This is the first CBD product I bought. I have been battling with anxiety and insomnia and a friend recommended this to me. She told me to use the lowest dosage first. So I tried this one. After a couple of days, I started getting sleepy around 9 PM. I am now enjoying a full night’s sleep every night. As a result, my mood is a lot better

  5. W

    Whitney Bailey (verified owner)

    Solid product! It’s very easy to apply and mixable with any drink since it’s unflavored.

  6. J

    Joshua Krebs (verified owner)

    I have used this product for years now. It’s a great product to combine with my coffee every breakfast.

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