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CBD News: what’s happening at Vesl?

We have some CBD news! We are very grateful to have all of your support. We started this business because we believed in something, the power of natural healing

In 2016, we started this company with the sole vision of sharing with people the many potential benefits Cannabinoids can provide. The stigma created many years ago made a skeptical society but our vision is to change that. We started small but now we operate at our 8,000 sq ft manufacturing facility just outside of the beautiful city of Denver.

2020 has been full of unexpected surprises and changes. But we always look at the bright side of things and see opportunity. We see an opportunity to reinvent ourselves, grow, and work harder than ever. As a result, we will soon share with you new unique products to help you maintain your healthy lifestyle. Products that so many of you have been asking for and will be available just for you! And a brand new Vesl look that you will love! There are a lot more surprises in the works!

We are a community bonded together with the miracle plant, hemp. We want to make a lasting impact on the cannabis industry. Thanks for being with us on this journey!

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